Linco Care and the Environment

Linco Care Ltd takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and has been ISO 14001 – Environmental Management accredited since July 2008. Linco Care is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and increasing our use of renewable energy.

To this end we have recently invested in an 2356 sq meter warehouse facility at our premises in Manchester.

The building is graded ‘A’ for energy efficiency. With the addition of a 100 KW peak Photovoltaic system on the roof, we estimate that we are able to produce 76,900 KW hours a year which reduces our carbon output by 34,000 KG of Co2.
The system consists of 400 Trina Solar 250 watt panels and is installed on a South East facing roof between the skylights allowing natural daylight into the warehouse.
The system also utilises four Power-One inverters to convert the DC power to AC and feed it back into our system. The company is therefore in a position to use all of the energy produced during daylight working hours and then export power back to the Grid when  we are closed.
By installing energy efficient lighting with daylight controls we have also reduced our power use in the new warehouse and we are looking to replicate these savings  throughout our premises.
Linco Care recycles as much waste as possible by separating all of our card and plastic from our general waste.
At Linco Care, we will continue to review our operations to identify where we need to further improve energy
efficiency and reduce energy use.