Sustainability Mission

Renewable Energy Concern

At Linco Care Ltd, our commitment to environmental responsibility runs deep. We take pride in our ISO 14001 - Environmental Management accreditation, since July 2008. We're determined to do our part in reducing our carbon footprint and using more renewable energy.

Renewable Energy Concern

‘A Grade’ Efficiency

We take pride in achieving the highest 'A' Grade efficiency standards.

Our 100 KW peak Photovoltaic system produces 76,900 KW hours annually, translating to a remarkable reduction of 34,000 KG of CO2 emissions.

The system comprises 400 Trina Solar 250-watt panels installed on a South East facing roof, positioned between skylights to maximize natural daylight within the warehouse.

Four Power-One inverters efficiently convert DC power to AC, seamlessly integrating it into our operational system. This setup enables us to utilize all the energy generated during working hours and even export surplus power back to the Grid during our non-operational hours. Furthermore, by installing energy efficient lighting with daylight controls, we have also reduced our power consumption. This initiative serves as a blueprint for extending similar energy-saving measures throughout our entire premises.

Renewable Energy Concern

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