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Linco Care has been a trusted UK based sun and skin care manufacturer since 1979. Our commitment to our core values; Quality, Ethics and Innovation have facilitated our journey to success and enabled us to grow our diverse selection of own brands and bespoke private label service globally.  Our passion for skin care is evident in every practice, with continuous innovation and market research to stay ahead in the ever changing world of cosmetics.


We operate a stringent quality control regime covering the purchase of high quality components, raw materials and the manufacture and storage of finished goods. Microbiological analysis by an independent laboratory forms a constant part of the quality control procedures. We are committed to building a lasting relationship with our customers by exceeding expectations of product value and service quality.


At Linco Care, ethical responsibility is incorporated into all of our operations. We take pride in our commitment to sustainability, evident through our utilisation of solar-panelled warehouses and environmentally-conscious production methods.

Our dedication to reducing our environmental footprint extends from production processes to water management and responsible sourcing of supplies.

Furthermore, we firmly believe in giving back to our community. We actively support charitable initiatives, local businesses, cultivate a fair and inclusive workplace, and prioritise ethical values above all else.

We are actively working to implement The ETI Base Code throughout our company and across our network of suppliers.

We proudly participate in SMETA, the world's most widely recognized social audit program. 

The SMETA Audit is built on four fundamental pillars:

  • Labour Standards
  • Health and Safety
  • Environment
  • Business Ethics
  • By setting these business standards, we continue to create a sustainable, responsible, and ethical future for our company and the wider industry.


    We believe innovation and adaptability are the key to success. We pride ourselves on state of the art formulations, a wide range of innovative products and continuous New Product Development (N.P.D). At Linco Care, we believe in setting ambitious goals and continuously working towards them, no matter how challenging. New ideas are celebrated and changes are welcomed.

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    UK, Ireland, China, UAE, Malaysia, European Union, Philippines, Hong Kong, EEA, Bahrain, Australia, Greece, Saudi Arabia


    UK, Ireland, China, UAE, Malaysia, European Union, Philippines, Hong Kong, EEA, Bahrain, Australia, Greece, Saudi Arabia



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