Gorgeous Bronze Self-Tanning Products

Gorgeous Bronze by Silkia is a range of self-tanning products that give you ten full body applications for the same price as one salon tan. The best part is that you can use it in the comfort of your own home. Using a multi patented salon spray head, which took two years to develop, Gorgeous Bronze will evenly spread the tanning liquid onto a wider surface area without concentrating on a particular spot similar to aerosol type cans, allowing for a more even and easy tan. The fact that the spray does not require CFC aerosol gas benefits the environment.

Having the option of Light to Medium and Medium to Dark, Gorgeous Bronze delivers both an instant tan as well as a gradual golden tan. Those who do not wish to have an instant tan can simply wash away the colour after 2 hours and wait for the gradual golden tan to develop. Those who require an instant tan, can wash after 8 hours and enjoy a golden effect that will last for about a week.

Gorgeous Bronze is only available to buy in the UK. You can currently purchase it at Asda, Trago, Semichem, Bodycare, Home Bargains and Quality Save. It will be available in more UK stores soon.


Check out our website: http://gorgeousbronze.co.uk/ 

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