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What is the alcohol content of Calypso Hand Hygiene gel?

The alcohol content is 70% (w/w)

Why do most hand sanitisers contain alcohol?

Alcohol, known as ethanol, is the ingredient that kills bacteria and enveloped viruses.

Is Calypso Hand Hygiene Gel anti-bacterial?

Yes it is antibacterial and kills 99.99% of bacteria and enveloped viruses.

Will Calypso Hand Hygiene Gel work against viruses?

Calypso Hand Hygiene Gel has been successfully tested under BS EN 14476 to kill viruses.

Can I use Calypso Hand Hygiene Gel to disinfect objects?

It has not been designed for this purpose but will be of benefit and functional in killing bacteria on objects.

Does hand sanitiser expire?

The Calypso Hand Hygiene Gel will expire 24 months after opening. This is illustrated on the back of the bottleby the PAO (Period After Opening) logo, the number inside indicates how long the product can be kept for after opening.

How long can I keep a bottle of suncream - does the cream become less effective over time?

The most recent legislation (2005) requires all cosmetic products to have a use-by date or a Period After Opening date. After this time the product may not be at its optimum best. Care should be taken when storing sunscreens as exposure to heat and light may cause degradation of the product. As a safeguard, you should discard any product which has developed an unusual odour, or that has become discoloured or watery.

How does skin actually tan?

Tanning occurs when melanin is produced in an attempt to protect the skin cells from UV radiation. A tan is therefore a sign of damaged skin. It may offer limited protection from burning, but offers no protection against the effects of radiation, that can lead to skin cancer. The best course of action is to use sun protection, you’ll get a gradual tan that will last longer, as your skin has more time to acclimatise to the sun.

Do high factor suncreams give you less of a tan?

No, you will still tan with a high factor but it will take a little longer. Your tan will be longer lasting as your skin has had more time to acclimatise to the sun.

Do children need to have suncream applied more frequently than adults?

Children are more susceptible to UV related skin damage than adults. We obtain most of our lifetime’s sun exposure as children and teenagers, and sunburn during childhood may lead to severe skin damage in later years. You should use a specially formulated high factor product for children, such as Calypso Kids SPF50, and ensure it is re-applied, especially after swimming and towelling. Ideally, children should be covered up with loose clothes and wide brimmed hats, and babies under 6 months should be kept out of direct sunlight.

How long will sunscreen last after opening?

Recent legislation (2005) requires all cosmetic products to have a use-by date or a period after opening date. After this time the product may not be at it’s optimum best. Care should be taken when storing sunscreens as exposure to heat and light may cause degradation of the product. As a safe guard you should discard any product which has developed an unusual odour, you know is old, or that has become discoloured or watery.

Can I get a tan without UV?

Sunless tanners and bronzers are applied to the skin like a cream and can provide a temporary, artificial tan. The only color additive currently approved by FDA for this purpose is dihydroxyacetone (DHA). Application can be difficult, and areas of the skin can react differently, resulting in an uneven appearance. Bronzers stain the skin temporarily, and they can generally be removed with soap and water. They may streak after application and can stain clothes. Sunless tanners and bronzers might not contain active sunscreen ingredi­ents. Read their labels to find out if they provide any sun protection.

What do SPF levels actually mean?

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and is the measure of the sunscreens ability to protect your skin from the suns rays, in addition to your skin’s natural protection. Dependent on your skin type, hair colour, eye colour and location, you may be able to stay in the sun for 10 mins without burning. If you apply a sunscreen with SPF 15 this means that you can stay in the sun 15 times longer (150 mins) than you could without sunscreen. However, you must use sunscreen as directed and ensure enough sunscreen is initially applied (35 ml) for maximum coverage. Higher factors should not be used to increase your time in the sun but to increase your level of protection.

Will Re-Gen help with dry skin?

The Re-Gen range is specially formulated to help with dry skin. In addition to the normal moisturising effects of the oil or cream the Re-Gen range contains PCL Liquid, a unique ingredient that locks in moisture and forms a protective film that helps prevent the skin from drying out.

Where is Re-Gen available from in the UK?

Re-Gen is available from many major retailers in the U.K. including ASDA, Bodycare, Home Bargains, Numark Pharmacy, Quality Save, Rowlands Pharmacy, The Co-Operative Pharmacy, Boyes & Co, Roys, Semichem and Trago Mills Ltd. It is also available on-line via Amazon or e-bay as well as through the on-line versions of the retail outlets.

Is Re-Gen available in a cream form?

Re-Gen is now available not only as an oil but also as a cream and more recently as a serum, so it is easy to find a suitable product for any specific areas requiring treatment.

Where is Re-Gen available from in the Republic of Ireland?

In the Republic of Ireland Re-Gen Oil is available from Flair Hair and Beauty Supplies in Naas, Co Kildare. The Re-Gen Cream and Oil are both available from Terrisales in Dublin. The entire Re-Gen Range is also available on-line via Amazon or e-bay.

How should Re-Gen be used?

Re-Gen cream or oil can be applied to the skin as a general moisturiser preferably after bathing when the skin is warm and damp to ensure optimum moisturisation. Fingertip application works best on small areas such as scars or stretch marks where it is important that the precise area is treated. The best results will be obtained when it is used twice daily. The Serum should only be applied in small amounts, one press on the pump should be sufficient, it should then be massaged in very gently. It should preferably be allowed to dry for around 10 minutes before applying make up if required.

Does Re-Gen help scars?

The Re-Gen range was specially developed as a treatment for scars as well as stretch marks and dry or blemished skin. The PCL Liquid together with the natural oils and extracts of Lavender, Calendula, Chamomile and Rosemary will help to promote regeneration of the skin and assist with the healing process.

How does Re-Gen work?

The Re-Gen range contains a patented active ingredient, PCL Liquid, this ingredient has been proven to lock in the natural moisture of the skin for improved skin regeneration and repair. The Re-Gen range of products also contains the anti-oxidant vitamins A and E to help fight against long term signs of ageing in the skin.

Is Re-Gen tested on animals?

None of the products in the Re-Gen range are tested on animals. Neither do they contain any ingredients that have been tested on animals. No cosmetic products have been tested on animals in the UK since 1997.

Why can't Re-Gen be applied to broken skin?

These products are carefully formulated to ensure ingredients are delivered to the appropriate site on the skin. The skin is an effective protective barrier against penetration. No cosmetic product should be applied to broken skin as it could easily enter the bloodstream through an open wound, along with any residual dirt or chemicals already on the skin.

Will Re-Gen help stretch marks?

The active ingredients in the Re-Gen Range will help to lock in moisture on the skins surface and aid with regeneration and repair. This will in turn improve the condition of the skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. When used during pregnancy it will also help to reduce the possibility of stretch marks by keeping the skin soft and supple.

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